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A 20 años de la primer página web pública del mundo

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Sir_Tim_Berners_LeeHoy hace 20 años, se publicaba la primer página web pública  del mundo, la página del proyecto W.W.W. World Wide Web.

El nombre Sir. Tim Berners Lee debe de tener más que nunca un reconocimiento especial, ya que es él quien invento el w.w.w. que hoy nos permite navegar entre millones de documentos y compartir con millones de personas.

Visita la primer página web pública del mundo, en este link:

Compartimos también el código fuente HTML

The World Wide Web project

World Wide Web


<TITLE>The World Wide Web project</TITLE>
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<H1>World Wide Web</H1>The WorldWideWeb (W3) is a wide-area<A
NAME=0 HREF="WhatIs.html">
hypermedia</A> information retrieval
initiative aiming to give universal
access to a large universe of documents.<P>
Everything there is online about
W3 is linked directly or indirectly
to this document, including an <A
NAME=24 HREF="Summary.html">executive
summary</A> of the project, <A
NAME=29 HREF="Administration/Mailing/Overview.html">Mailing lists</A>
, <A
NAME=30 HREF="Policy.html">Policy</A> , November's  <A
NAME=34 HREF="News/9211.html">W3  news</A> ,
NAME=41 HREF="FAQ/List.html">Frequently Asked Questions</A> .
NAME=44 HREF="../DataSources/Top.html">What's out there?</A>
<DD> Pointers to the
world's online information,<A
NAME=45 HREF="../DataSources/bySubject/Overview.html"> subjects</A>
, <A
NAME=z54 HREF="../DataSources/WWW/Servers.html">W3 servers</A>, etc.
NAME=46 HREF="Help.html">Help</A>
<DD> on the browser you are using
NAME=13 HREF="Status.html">Software Products</A>
<DD> A list of W3 project
components and their current state.
(e.g. <A
NAME=27 HREF="LineMode/Browser.html">Line Mode</A> ,X11 <A
NAME=35 HREF="Status.html#35">Viola</A> ,  <A
NAME=26 HREF="NeXT/WorldWideWeb.html">NeXTStep</A>
, <A
NAME=25 HREF="Daemon/Overview.html">Servers</A> , <A
NAME=51 HREF="Tools/Overview.html">Tools</A> ,<A
NAME=53 HREF="MailRobot/Overview.html"> Mail robot</A> ,<A
NAME=52 HREF="Status.html#57">
Library</A> )
NAME=47 HREF="Technical.html">Technical</A>
<DD> Details of protocols, formats,
program internals etc
NAME=40 HREF="Bibliography.html">Bibliography</A>
<DD> Paper documentation
on  W3 and references.
NAME=14 HREF="People.html">People</A>
<DD> A list of some people involved
in the project.
NAME=15 HREF="History.html">History</A>
<DD> A summary of the history
of the project.
NAME=37 HREF="Helping.html">How can I help</A> ?
<DD> If you would like
to support the web..
NAME=48 HREF="../README.html">Getting code</A>
<DD> Getting the code by<A
NAME=49 HREF="LineMode/Defaults/Distribution.html">
anonymous FTP</A> , etc.</A>